Starred 1994


01.Intro - Funerailles...
02.Free from Superstition
03.In Weakness
04.Winter (instrumental)
05.Shadow Over Insmouth
06.Boundless Land
07.Adrift (instrumental)
09.Distinct Fear
10.Outro Funerailles
11.In Weakness (demo version)
12.Claustrophobia (instrumental)
13.Serpents Queen (Hecate)

Path Of The Search 1993


1. Intro - Remains of Time
2. Sinister Ritual
3. A Sin Offering
4. Beyond The Dreams
5. Endless (Ins)
6. Distinct Fear
7. Remains of Time Pt. II

SCAPEGOAT (BULGARIA) - Shadow Over Insmouth - Rehersal 2011

SCAPEGOAT (BULGARIA) performing Shadow Over Insmouth track from Starred album on rehersal in January 2011

Scapegoat [ Dupnica ] - Beyond the Dream

Scapegoat - Beyond the Dream